Design It!

Have you looked through my templates and found that you just love the layout of one template, but you love the features of a different template? Have you ever wished you could get the layout, features & colors of a template for your site? Well, maybe you can! I'm trying something new to see how it works. If it works great, then up to 30 people could get a free template. You can send me more than one design. If I choose more than one design from you, then you get the TNG templates with that design up to 5 templates.

My plan is to design 100 TNG templates and right now I'm on template 270. What I'd like to do is get your input on what you would like to see in a template. If I use your design, then I'll give you a copy of the template! Right now, I'm going to do this until I have 30 template designs or until the end of September.

What do you need to do?

1. Choose a layout:

One column, two columns - content & sidebar, Three columns OR a mixture, Parallax boxes. You'll need to show me the mix. I don't do full-width templates because I want to know where my content is going to be.

See the LAYOUT GRID to help you.

I use a couple of different bottom boxes. Choose one of them or make up your own. Here are some samples:



2. Choose features:

Full-width Slideshows, Partial width Slideshows, Postcards, Slider boxes, Accordians, Fancy links (usually used in sidebar or bottom 3 boxes), Surnames, Random Photos, Images that "pop out" when you hover over them, Boxes that have legends & dotted borders that usually contain 2 or more small pictures, Tabbed Content, OR find a feature that you'd like to see somewhere on the web and send me the link to it. If you send me a feature, it has to be one that is free for commercial use or an Open Commons license.

Samples of Content Area features: you can find new features online or you can tell me which template has the feature you like. I didn't show all of the features. I didn't put Slideshows in the features only because people know what they're called.


Samples of Sidebar Features: you can find new features online or you can tell me which template has the feature you like. I didn't show all of the features.


***************PICK ONLY 3 or 4 features.***************

3. Choose Colors:

Choose at least one dark color. If you have a couple of different colors (not shades of the dark color) that you like, you can send those to me. Use either hex color numbers or send me a sample pallet.

Here's an example of a color pallet, but you don't have to do this fancy. Just give me hex colors or send me the link of a website with the colors you like. Remember, there is no such thing as light red... it's PINK.





You can say stuff like, "I like template 265, but I'd like it a different color and I'd like a parallax (box that is 100% width with an image behind it). I really like the parallax box on template 267, the tree with the "Our Family's History" on it.

I'd like a smaller header with 4 links on the top.

If you see a website that you really love the colors and design, send me the url and what you'd like to see on a website designed similar to the one you like. It doesn't even have to be a genealogy website. As long as you love the design and there are places we can add content and features.

Hand draw or use a graphics program to create the look that you'd like. Email me a copy.

This "Design It" is a different approach for me and this is the first time I've thought of trying it. I'm hoping that it works out for both of us! Be specific in your designs. Please don't ask for just a color change. That's not a new design.

That's it!

Figure out what you like and where you'd like to put it! Once you do that, then just send it to me at:


SMALL PRINT: If you send in a design and I use it, that design becomes the property of Genealogy Web Templates but you will get credit for the design idea in the template.


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