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Hi, I'm Marsha, webmaster, designer and jack-of-many trades. I began designing websites in 2002 for my genealogy sites and found that I really loved the design part as much as I loved the ancestor part! I "adopted" a number of Genealogy webs from the USGenWeb project and was excited to see how the sites developed. You'll recognize some of my templates in my genealogy sites: Marsha's Warrick Web; Vanderburgh County, IN; Kemper County, MS and Bibb County, AL.

I opened my first Templates in Time website in 2003 (the old FrontPage days) and wow, was it easier then! All you had to do at that time was to add styling to a table and you had it made! Technology has really changed and I moved along with it. I began designing "tableless" templates and from there, the rest is history. Now my templates are CSS3 & HTML5 and fully responsive in mobile views!

My designs are unique and you can only get them here. This way, you know who built them and you can talk to the designer/coder should ever the need arrive! I try to go the extra mile to give you more: More "bells and whistles," more great coding, more support. I strive to give you a great website template with everything you've come to expect.  I hope you will find that I've succeeded!


Great Design ~ Ease of Use ~ Functionality

I know that great design, ease of use and functionality are important to the beginner as well as to the experienced developer. I offer all three in my template packages.

All of the templates you see on my site were designed and coded by me. The great thing about being the designer and coder is that if you have an issue, I know my templates inside and out. I will troubleshoot with you in order to find the solution to any difficulties that are causing an issue.


My templates are cleanly coded and I've tried to mark them so when you look at the coding, you can tell what you are looking at. My templates are typically at the intermediate level, but, with some practice, a beginner could add additional styling.

My goal is to make your web template experience a great one!  

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