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TNGSo you want your own genealogy website. You don't want to make html files for every ancestor, but you want every ancestor available to you in a database. You don't want to pay a monthly fee to a ancestor company. You want TNG! It's the best thing I've seen in a long time! Here's my TNG site: https://genealogywebtemplates.com/tng/demoframes-public.html

Need a low-cost hosting provider who supports PHP/MySQL? I recommend Simply Hosting, for only $4.99/month (or less if you pay annually). They're very friendly to TNG users and will even install TNG for you at no extra charge. Plus, they'll give TNG users 50% off their first order!

What do you do  and how do you do it?

Stuff you may not like to do....

If you have trouble, I'll upload the TNG template files to your website. You'd just have to send me your ftp information.

Stuff you may not mind doing....

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