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Our Family's Journey Through Time

Towns & Cities

If you have any information on towns, schools, post offices, historical churches, founding fathers, location, history, etc., please submit the information to me for inclusion on this site.

 Below are all of the populated areas listed in the USGS for this county as well as some additional information about those areas.

To find the populated areas on this page here. Go to the USGS page and click on "Search Domestic Names" and then add the state & county, then select the "Feature Class" of Populated Areas. At the bottom of the results page is a statement that reads, "View & Print All." Click on it and you will see a page that has all of the populated areas listed that you can copy! It will not automatically print. (It will also list mobile home parks, so you'll have to edit the list.)

I paste my copy in Excel (you could use Word) and then delete all of the columns that I do not want. After that, I copy the column(s) that I want and paste them into "Notepad." Notepad removes all formatting. Copy the selection from notepad and paste it into this section. That's it!

Now you have all of the populated areas in the county!