Tennessee, USA


Latitude: 35.705, Longitude: -84.9584


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cross, Arminda "Minda"  1 Nov 1875Tennessee, USA I951
2 Cross, Daniel  Abt 1847Tennessee, USA I1150
3 Cross, Josiah or Joseph  Abt 1828Tennessee, USA I1149
4 Cross, Mary A  1833Tennessee, USA I1145
5 Cross, Nancy Jane  Mar 1846Tennessee, USA I1147
6 Cross, Rebecca  Abt 1869Tennessee, USA I1014
7 Cross, Richard Cooper  Jan 1829Tennessee, USA I1144
8 Cross, Sarah "Sis"  1838Tennessee, USA I1141
9 Cross, William  Abt 1867Tennessee, USA I1015
10 Dockery, Rosa Bell  12 Jun 1913Tennessee, USA I1019
11 Helton, Benjamin Thomas Sr.  1830Tennessee, USA I1179
12 Helton, Benjamin Thomas  8 Oct 1856Tennessee, USA I1178
13 Helton, James  1846Tennessee, USA I1180
14 Johnson, Nancy  Abt 1842Tennessee, USA I1050
15 Marshall, James Glenn  31 Dec 1890Tennessee, USA I1510
16 Marshall, John Thomas  5 Feb 1862Tennessee, USA I1502
17 Marshall, Martha "Mattie" Jane  10 Feb 1864Tennessee, USA I1503
18 Marshall, William H  7 Jan 1875Tennessee, USA I1505
19 MAYES, JOHN W  Dec 1825Tennessee, USA I479
20 McAllister, James K P  Abt 1840Tennessee, USA I1002
21 McFalls, James  1861Tennessee, USA I876
22 Prince, Ephraim L  Abt 1868Tennessee, USA I1163
23 Prince, George C  Abt 1870Tennessee, USA I1164
24 Prince, Isham  1835Tennessee, USA I1185
25 Prince, James A  1839Tennessee, USA I1093
26 Prince, James K "Jim"  Abt 1844Tennessee, USA I1198
27 Prince, James W  Abt 1820Tennessee, USA I1081
28 Prince, John  1840Tennessee, USA I1054
29 Prince, Joseph  1836Tennessee, USA I1053
30 Prince, Louisa  1836Tennessee, USA I1092
31 Prince, Lucinda Caroline  10 Nov 1843Tennessee, USA I1200
32 Prince, Marion  Abt 1861Tennessee, USA I1165
33 Prince, Melissa  1834Tennessee, USA I1052
34 Prince, Wiley  1842Tennessee, USA I1055
35 Satterfield, Fred Earnest  17 Mar 1910Tennessee, USA I1045
36 Stillwell, Alvin  Abt 1879Tennessee, USA I1113
37 Stillwell, Caroline Lodosha  1854Tennessee, USA I1122
38 Stillwell, Catherine  Abt 1885Tennessee, USA I1159
39 Stillwell, Elizabeth  1858Tennessee, USA I1125
40 Stillwell, Isham Robert  Feb 1856Tennessee, USA I1124
41 Stillwell, James W  1837Tennessee, USA I1040
42 STILLWELL, JEREMIAH  1816Tennessee, USA I999
43 Stillwell, John W.  Abt 1874Tennessee, USA I1154
44 Stillwell, John William  1874Tennessee, USA I1112
45 Stillwell, Richard  1876Tennessee, USA I1111
46 Stillwell, Richard  Abt 1876Tennessee, USA I1155
47 Stillwell, William A  1840Tennessee, USA I1039
48 Strain, Jeanette  7 Jul 1817Tennessee, USA I142
49 THOMPSON, MARY E  Mar 1828Tennessee, USA I478
50 Unknown Maiden Prince, Sarah  1817Tennessee, USA I1068

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Davis, Minnie Lee  27 Apr 1901Tennessee, USA I915
2 Stillwell, John William  1964Tennessee, USA I1112
3 Verner, Rufus  28 Aug 1916Tennessee, USA I981


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Cross / Prince  1824Tennessee, USA F259