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Family: James Maple Smith / Edezle Braud (F518)

m. 19 Mar 1878

Family Chart 

Jean Baptiste Braud
Male (1821-1891)
Etienne Yves Braud
Female (1856-1923)
Ida Brand
Female (1858- )
Emile Brand
Male (1860- )
Agathe Brand
Female (1862- )
Ernest Brand
Male (1864- )
Gilbert Perfect Braud
Male (1868-1941)
Agnes Brand
Female (1866-1934)
Azelia Braud
Female (1871-1962)
Andre Felix Braud
Male (1874-1890)
Edith Elizabeth Braud
Female (1877-1967)
James Maple Smith
Male (1852-1929)
Edezle Braud
Female (1858-1921)
Rosalie Elmire Smith
Female (1889-1896)
Arthur Maple Smith
Male (1893-1907)
Joseph Linny Smith
Male (1883-1941)
Isabelle Smith
Female (1886-1973)
Selser Smith
Male (1889-1963)
Bessie Smith
Female (1896-1984)
Robert Dewey Smith
Male (1898-1982)
James Theodore Smith
Male (1881-1963)
Elizabeth Mary Smith
Female (1879-1896)

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